In completely unsurprising news, LAPD is claiming that Ezell Ford, the unarmed pedestrian shot and killed last monday by police was being "suspicious" and "attempted to remove the officer's handgun from its holster".

Let me translate from LAPD newspeak to English:

Suspicious = Black

attempted to remove the officer's handgun from its holster = there might be witnesses and/or we don't have time to plant a gun/weapon


Attempting to take an officer's gun is the great go-to for police when caught shooting an unarmed person. After all, the police officer's perception of threat is all that is needed to turn the gunning down of a civilian into a justified shooting.

According to #Ferguson police, Michael Brown attacked them and tried to grab an officer's gun.

The same excuse was used when LAPD shot and killed Reggie Doucet Jr.

And Cecil Rudolph Menifield.

And Noel Enrique Aguilar, a 23-year-old Latino man